Friday, April 22, 2016

My Opinion: The Huntsman - Winter's War (2016)

WARNING: These are my opinions and should not be taken for anything but. Being as such this is a conversation about a movie in theaters and will feature minor spoilers. So read as you wish, but know that I will not spoil any major plot points. Shall we begin?

The funny thing about trailers is that they're your first visit to the world of the movie that you're intending on viewing. But they, in themselves, are spoilers and sometimes spoil moments that are not meant to be spoiled. I will not say much here.

This is both sequel and prequel to Snow White and the Huntsman, and I was a bit curious to how they would pull that off, and here it is. The story as a whole is the same story, it just takes place at different points in time and is not part of one cohesive whole. The beginning merely is meant to set the state for how the Huntsmen came to be and is essentially the origin story for the Ice Queen as well. It tells essentially a story told in the 'Snow White' movie, about The Huntsman and his love interest. From there it time lapses to the aftermath of 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and proceeds to continue the story. Seems Not all is well with certain things and the Huntsman is called upon to take on a task on behalf of Snow White, who is indeed at least referenced but never seen on screen. And just when you think certain things are gone, they have a tendency to return.

And now for my Opinion:

I liked the movie. I'd say it's on par with Snow White and the Huntsman but that was not particularly a great movie either. I liked both movies for what they were, and what they are is an interesting take on a mythology that we've probably seen many times before, including by studios like Disney.

The thing about 'Snow White and the Huntsman' is that it set up the world that we were seeing. The Huntsman: Winter's War gives a little more to some of that backstory while also expanding it a bit. For instance, we knew about Ravena's history and a small bit about her family. Well in Huntsman, we see the history of the Huntsman and their connection to Ravena's sister in particular.

In Snow White, we knew that The Huntsman had a lover at some point in his past. In this movie, we get to meet her. Things like this further the universe of Snow White and the Huntsman.

I thought the story was interesting. It at least kept me watching until the end and while the comedy wasn't all that funny, I didn't cringe at it either. Here you saw 4 dwarves. 2 men and 2 women.

There's not a lot of big action scenes, especially when you consider the title of the movie features 'War'. But it's not entirely boring either. I felt satisfied when the credits rolled.

The actors did a good job. I didn't feel like any of them were too terrible nor were there any standouts either, I felt. They were just kinda there in the world like they'd settled in.

Overall, I liked Snow White and the Huntsman enough to buy a copy of it, and I feel the same way here about The Huntsman: Winter's War. It's a good, not great, movie that will probably entertain you, but will probably not want you craving more.

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