Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Opinion: Ghostbusters (2016)

Warning: These are my opinions and are not to be considered fact. This is just how I feel about the film being talked about.

With that said...

The first post I made on this site was an 'Opinions' post about the first Ghostbusters (2016) trailer. If I recall, I liked that trailer and was excited about the concept of a new Ghostbusters movie. So naturally it made sense that I was going to watch the new film and more than likely do a 'My Opinion' post about it. Well here it is. Ghostbusters (2016) is out in theaters and I have gone to see it in my theater's GTX screen.

As you may recall, from the get-go there has been a very negative vibe hanging over Ghostbusters, and that since this was a reboot, people were not very hopeful of it being anything but trash. And the worst part is that if you were negative, you were probably branded a Sexist or something else. If you were positive, well I'm not sure entirely what happened. But there was a big thing going on with Ghostbusters and the truth is, I was largely ignoring it all. I had my views and those views were that I was going to probably enjoy this movie. Especially after the trailers starting hitting. The first trailer went on to be the most hated trailer on Youtube, and future trailers didn't get much better. But I soaked up each new bit of footage and just couldn't wait until it came out. I even went so far as to buy not only the regular novelization of the movie, but the Junior Novelization simply cause they came out almost a month or so before the movie. I needed a Ghostbusters fix and this was it.

So did it meet my expectations?

Trailers have been known to be misleading. True, they are our first glimpses into the movie we are going to invest our hard earned money into, and if we don't like what we see, then clearly the movie is not for us. But trailers don't always work the way they're supposed to and they give us a false sense of dread...or to be fair, in some cases, a false sense of pleasure.

But I thought that each trailer given for Ghostbusters was a fun filled ride waiting to happen. And quite frankly, I was expecting nothing more than just that. A fun filled ride at the movies with some laughs. Mind you, I didn't think the jokes were very funny in the movie. But again, to be fair, I never thought the originals were all that funny either. What I enjoyed about the movies was the adventure and the characters were were going on that adventure with. And I was ready and willing to go on a new adventure with these new Ghostbusters.

So does it succeed? YEAH. From the beginning of the movie, I was invested in the adventure. After that opening tease ended and the Ghostbusters theme hits, I knew I was in for a Ghostbusters movie. And it held me there, in my seat, for nearly 1 hour and 40 or so minutes. And the thing about it? It was actually funny. Yes, compared to the trailers, the actual movie was funny, and even in spots I didn't think I would laugh. 'The Power of Patty' actually compelled me to chuckle a bit where I thought that moment was lame in the trailer.

The characters were pretty darn good. I liked Erin. I liked going with her on her adventure. I even liked Abby. Yes, I liked Melissa McCarthy. I especially liked Holtzzman and yes, I liked Patty. I liked all 4 Ghostbusters, and to be that's a plus. It has to be cause those are the characters we're following throughout the movie. The characters felt fresh and different from Venkman, Stanz, Spengler, and Zedimore. I enjoyed those characters, but I also enjoyed these new characters.

The action was pretty interesting too. It felt more active with these characters than they did with the originals, but that's probably because of the effects used here. They're able to do more with these sequences than they were in Ghostbusters (84) and Ghostbusters II. But I think that's a good thing. It allowed it to be different than the originals.

The ghosts themselves were mostly different, though the subway ghost had a similar theme to the Scapelli Brothers from GB2, in which it was clearly an electrocuted inmate from a prison. And there was Slimer and yes, a cameo from Stay Puft. But overall they were mostly fresh and different.

And on that note, it should be mentioned that the Effects were pretty good. They were more brightly colored, but I still felt like they belonged in a Ghostbusters film. A modern Ghostbusters film. It's interesting to compare them to the originals because the originals were not as bright as the new ones were, but they still had that style that I think could have fit in here as well. Likewise, dull down the ghosts from this new film, and I feel that, say, the Aldridge ghost could have fit into one of the old films.

The music was pretty solid. I like a good score and it was nice listening to it in this film. And the few songs that were featured in the song weren't bad either. Probably nothing to write home about, compared to the original soundtracks of the old films, but still worth listening to in the film. But you may feel differently. I didn't mind them. I know the Fall Out Boy song got a lot of hate but I didn't mind it where it was placed.

Overall I'm gonna have to say I enjoyed this film as much as I enjoyed the originals. Did I expect it to be good? Yeah, kinda, but I'm open minded. I wanted this film to be good because to me, Ghostbusters is and always was, a fun adventure film. And on that note, this film delivered in spades. Is it great? I think so. You may not. And that's your opinion. This was mine.

I rate Ghostbustes (2016) a 8/10.

And I hope we get at least 1 sequel.

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